| 13 January 2017

Demolishing your seventies kitchen and upgrading to stainless steel and granite can produce all kinds of happy feelings. It can also produce piles of materials you might not be sure what to do with. Here are a few ways to remove all those building byproducts.

1. Donate If your stuff’s in half-decent condition, there’s probably a drop-off donation center willing to take it. Habitat for Humanity has a national network of home improvement stores stocked by donations. They take everything from light fixtures and appliances to counter tops and windows.

2. Reclaim, reuse, recycle Roll up old carpet and use the Carpet America Recovery Effort website to find a company near you that will reclaim, recycle or reuse it. Check with your municipality to find out if they recycle any other types of construction material. The Construction and Demolition Recycling Association can help you locate local companies that will take materials such as asphalt shingles, gypsum drywall and concrete.

3. Options for paint PaintCare is an organization that works on behalf of paint manufacturers in states with paint stewardship laws to set up places to safely recycle and dispose of unwanted paint. Many municipalities have drop-off days for oil-based paint, which is considered household hazardous waste.